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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is every bit as effective as the harsh chemicals, but without the risks to your family, employees, or pets.  We couldn’t offer our 100% guarantee and have hundreds of repeat customers and positive referrals if our service wasn’t effective.

Because we use natural products, they do not have a long residual effect like harsh chemicals. The products begins to break down and loose their effectiveness after 7 weeks and we want to keep your home pest free. Also, we couldn’t offer our guarantee if we treated less often.
No. Nature’s Balance does not require a service contract that locks you into a long-term agreement. We do business on a handshake and offer discounts to clients that choose to have recurring, preventative service.
No. Although our product quality is higher and costs more, we do our best to offer a premium service at a fair price. We invite you to shop around and see for yourself.
Because we offer a 100% guarantee and we use natural products, we want to make sure you don’t have pest issues in between services. We only treat when insects and spiders are active, so there is no need to treat during the winter months in Utah. It’s likely your other company was using toxic chemicals with a long residual that could put your family at risk.
No. While we specialize in being eco-friendly, we can, and sometimes need to use synthetic products that are more effective at eliminating difficult insect species. If we ever need to use these products to address a pest problem we will notify you in advance and explain the risks.
We can address most pest issues you might face including, insects, spiders, mice, rats, voles, birds, bats, marmots, skunks, porcupines, etc.
Yes. We can do a one-time service and we’ll guarantee the results for 30 days.
We accept, cash, checks and most major credit cards. We typically invoice our regular clients via email after the service is completed. We can also leave the invoice on the door at the time of service or send it via USPS. On-line payment and auto-pay are available, although some clients prefer to pay for the entire season in advance.
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