Utah has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, and we love to spend time outside in the sunshine. However, a relaxing afternoon by the grill or in the pool can quickly go downhill when hornets appear.

A common species in Utah is the bald-faced hornet. They are annoying, and their stings are painful. While a single hornet sting isn’t usually serious, it can become extremely dangerous when someone is stung multiple times or is allergic to hornet venom. Hornets can be aggressive when people approach their nests due to their territorial nature.

Don’t let hornets limit the time you spend enjoying the outside of your home. Let Nature’s Balance Pest Control give you back your yard and your freedom.

How do I know if I have a hornet infestation?

Bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets may look similar; however, hornets are thicker than bees and are mostly black and white.

Hornets spend the winter in small, enclosed spaces like behind rain gutters, in woodpiles, or even in attics if they can get inside. In the late spring, they build large nests, often under the eaves, in swing sets, on tree branches, or even underground. They usually seek the hottest spots around your home to build nests. Patio spaces used for entertaining are hot real estate because wasps are attracted to liquids, sweets, and food scraps, which are often left behind.

It may be tempting to try removing a hornet nest on your own, but why take the risk of falling off a ladder or getting stung? DIY attempts can easily backfire, resulting in multiple stings or worse. If you have a hornet problem, contact Nature’s Balance to get rid of it.

Eco-Friendly Hornet Exterminator in Utah

If you’re dealing with a hornet problem, don’t keep avoiding certain areas of your yard or risk being stung. There’s a better option: enlist the effective services of a professional pest control company. At Nature’s Balance, we take pride in customizing a treatment plan to your home and unique circumstances.

Nature’s Balance Pest Control provides Summit, Wasatch, Utah, and Salt Lake counties with effective pest control and extermination services without damaging the environment. We’re proud to use products derived from natural plant oils to achieve superior results when compared to traditional chemical approaches. With Nature’s Balance, you can be confident in the effectiveness of our service without the risks to your family, your pets, or the environment.

The professional technicians on our team are experienced, friendly, and highly trained. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, and Nature’s Balance will go above and beyond to ensure you receive results you’re happy with. Call or email us today for a free consultation.


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