The Norway rat and packrat, a.k.a. wood rats, are common pests in Utah. The Norway rat is identified by its brown fur, larger size, and long hairless tails. The packrat has a bushy tail and large ears. The bushy-tail wood rat or packrat has a strong preference for shiny objects and will collect and store these items in its nest.

Rats are a threat to public health and are hosts to a variety of diseases. If rats can find a place with food, water, and shelter, they will attempt to make it their home. They multiply quickly, and a rat infestation can become a terrible health hazard for anyone living or working in the building.

Raccoons are a scavenging animal species. Like possums and badgers, raccoons are omnivorous and seek out food that other animals or people have left behind. It’s no surprise that unsecured garbage cans, pet food, and gardens are their prime targets. They have even been known to tear up grass and flowers in search of insects to eat.

How can I prevent rats from infesting my home?

The most important steps you can take to ensure that rats don’t become a problem is to eliminate entry points and remove their food and water sources. Water leaks inside or outside of a home can attract not only rats but pests as well. Food scraps and trash can attract them inside, and unprotected food supplies can make your home an attractive place for rats to live.

Nature’s Balance offers the following services to ensure that rats never bother you and your family again:

  • Inspections: We have the experience and tools to identify rat activity and their entry points.
  • Prevention Tips: We can give you advice about what to change in and around your home to eliminate harborage areas, including wood piles, stone and brick piles, compost piles, and other areas where rats could find a place to dwell.
  • Trapping and Baiting: Particularly with rats and other vermin, we take an aggressive approach to eliminate them. Rats will return if not exterminated and removed.
  • Exclusion Services: Once the rats are removed, we seal cracks and entry points.

Managing Rat Pest Control Near You

The Nature’s Balance difference is our dedication to solving your pest problems. Our treatment options are focused on using eco-friendly solutions, but if needed, we can also use more aggressive measures to rid your home of harmful pests. Nature’s Balance is dedicated to the communities we serve, including Lehi, Francis, and Holladay. Call today and let us rid your home of rats and other pests!


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