Boxelder bugs are easily recognizable with their black bodies and red markings. These bugs like to suck sap from boxelder trees, but they aren’t too picky, so they also enjoy maple and other trees. Boxelder bug infestations happen during early spring (when they lay their eggs) and early fall (when they seek shelter in warm places).

These bugs are a seasonal pest and are most often found sunning themselves on south- or west-facing walls. Large temperature swings cause them to try to head indoors when it’s cold and be outdoors when it’s warm and sunny. They congregate on surfaces that absorb heat, so metal, stone, glass, and brick are typical places to find them. Boxelder bugs can enter your living space through small gaps in windows and doors.

How can I prevent boxelder bugs from infesting my property?

You can fill in all the cracks, little nooks, and holes with sealant and caulking, both inside and on the exterior walls. Check door and window seals to make sure they close tightly. If you see boxelder bugs inside the house, the best way to clean them up is with a vacuum.

Additionally, boxelder bugs dislike soapy water. You can spray soapy water in the areas where boxelder bugs congregate. Soaking a group of boxelder bugs with enough of the mixture will even kill some of the bugs.

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Boxelder bugs are fairly harmless, but no one wants bugs invading their living or work space. At Nature’s Balance Pest Control, we have the know-how to tackle boxelder bug infestations. With our eco-friendly pest control, we’ll ensure your peace of mind throughout the year.

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