In Utah, we appreciate the state’s outdoor beauty by living so close to nature. However, this can be an issue when insects start moving inside your home. Nature’s Balance Pest Control specializes in using environmentally friendly methods to treat a wide variety of pests in Summit, Wasatch, Utah, and Salt Lake counties.

What are stink bugs?

Utah is home to several kinds of stink bugs. These insects receive their name from the foul odor they emit when irritated or killed, which can linger and make whole sections of your home smell unpleasant for extended periods. They are brown or green, up to 2 centimeters long, and have a body shaped like a flat shield with long antennae and legs extending out to the side.

Although stink bugs can cause damage to plants, they don’t pose a risk to your home’s structural integrity and don’t cause disease or harm to people. However, they can become a huge nuisance when large numbers find a way to move indoors.

Stink bugs can’t survive cold weather, so they try to get inside homes to stay warm through the winter months. These insects are experts at sneaking into homes through tears in window screens, cracks around doors, or gaps in siding. Once inside, they may congregate in large numbers and make themselves noticed by flying around, dying in light fixtures, and emitting their characteristic bad odor.

How can I prevent stink bugs from getting inside my home?

Stink bugs are notoriously difficult to manage once they’ve settled in your home, so the best way to deal with a stink bug infestation is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Since these insects can enter through tiny openings, it’s wise to use caulk to seal cracks around doors and windows, install door sweeps and weather stripping, and put screens in front of windows, doors, vents, and chimneys.

Like ants, stink bugs tend to gather in large numbers. Infestations are most likely to occur in the late summer and fall when the weather turns colder and pushes the insects indoors. However, you may see them in the spring as well, when bugs who have wintered in the walls or attic of your home become more active. If you do find these bugs in your home, refrain from swatting, squishing, or stepping on them because they will release their unpleasant odor. Instead, use a vacuum to suck them up and dispose of the bag or empty its contents immediately so the smell won’t linger.

Once a home experiences a stink bug invasion, it’s likely the bugs will return the next fall. At Nature’s Balance Pest Control, our technicians can assess the severity of the problem and develop and implement a personalized plan for your home.

Why choose Nature’s Balance for stink bug removal and treatment?

Stink bugs can be particularly difficult to exterminate once they’ve made their way inside your home. To achieve lasting pest control results you can count on, turn to the experts at Nature’s Balance Pest Control. At Nature’s Balance, we pride ourselves on providing:

  • Eco-Friendly Options: In addition to traditional pest control products, Nature’s Balance provides naturally sourced or essential oils-based methods to provide effective pest control in a way that won’t damage the environment.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We put the customer first. Our professional technicians work hard to offer you friendly service, fair pricing, thorough communications, and effective results.
  • Non-Invasive: Harsh chemicals used by other pest control companies leave behind foul odors that remain long after treatment is completed. We use natural treatments that smell great, won’t put your family at risk, won’t stain materials, and don’t have lingering odors.
  • Simple Payments: As part of our commitment to treating our customers how we’d like to be treated, we offer flexible payment and billing options to match your needs and preferences, including payment by cash, check, or credit through the mail, in-person contact, or internet.

If you have a problem with stink bugs or other pests, Nature’s Balance Pest Control can provide effective solutions. Contact us today to learn more or get a free quote.


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