A Smarter Approach to Pest Control in Utah


Constant Improvement

In the past, families who wanted to protect or rid their homes of pests had to turn to toxic chemicals. Exterminators would come to their homes and use harsh chemicals to kill the pests, sometimes forcing the family members to leave until it was safe to return. Chemical residues remained for months and were later traced to negative impacts on human health. At Nature’s Balance, we knew this process could be improved upon. For the past decade, we have researched and tested natural methods to eliminate and repel pests. To that end, we not only made pest control safer for our clients, but we also made it environmentally friendly to become the best in Park City, Provo, and Riverton pest control.

Nature’s Balance believes the impact we all have on the environment should not be taken lightly. We strive to deliver the lowest-impact, most effective service for every pest situation we encounter. Since we began, Nature’s Balance Pest Control has been providing peace of mind to our clients by using IPM (integrated pest management). We include multiple control methods (habitat modification, exclusion, physical control, and the appropriate use of products) to eliminate and prevent pests from invading your space. We value the beautiful nature that surrounds us, and we recognize how fragile the ecosystem is. However, we believe that humans and nature can co-exist with appropriate boundaries.

We strive to create those boundaries for you so that pests remain outside where they belong.

Our unique approach to pest control repels insects and spiders by using products derived from natural ingredients such as essential oils, minerals mined from the earth, and plant extracts. Our approach also includes better practices such as prevention, exclusion, mechanical devices, and plain old common sense. Nature’s Balance organic product mixes include botanical oils such as peppermint, wintergreen, rosemary, neem, red cedar, and other natural products. With Nature’s Balance, you and your family (pets included) are never put at risk. Our services include green, organic, and traditional solutions.

We’re different—we want to break the negative stigma that’s sometimes associated with the pest control industry. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated. For that reason, we don’t hard sell and lock you into a service contract, and we offer free advice. We want to earn your business by delivering the results you pay for. If we do our job well, you’ll refer us to your friends and neighbors. In fact, over half of our new clients are referred by current clients who like what we do. We must be doing something right.


Reliable, Knowledgeable, Trusted

Not only do we select the highest quality products, but we attract, hire, and train the best technicians in the industry. Our team members are hard-working, courteous, and will treat your home or business with the utmost respect and care like it was their own. Each new hire receives rigorous training and is provided with tools to assist them in taking care of your pest problems. We are background checked, licensed by the state of Utah, and insured, so you have no need to worry.


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