If you have a skunk problem in your yard, Nature’s Balance Pest Control has options that can help rid you of your skunk issue. We serve the Oakley, South Jordan, and Cedar Hills areas. We offer natural repellent treatments with more natural ingredients and trapping as options to remove skunks.

While skunks aren’t known to be aggressive animals, they may want to make your yard their home, especially if they can find shelter, food, and water nearby. Skunks are becoming a bigger problem for more people in Heber City and the surrounding areas. Skunks can be the cause of rabies, transmitting diseases to both humans and pets. Additionally, skunks will often dig looking for grubs or insects, causing damage that is time-consuming and expensive to repair.

If you see skunks in your yard, you should never approach them. They may feel threatened if you get too close. They might bite or spray. Luckily, at Nature’s Balance, we have pest control options to take care of your skunk problem.

How can you tell if you have skunks?

You may not always see the skunks themselves, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t signs they’re around. The top four giveaways that you have a skunk problem in your yard are the smell, tracks and droppings, ground depressions, and, of course, sightings of skunks.

The most obvious sign that skunks are nearby is that you have seen skunks multiple times in your yard. If you’ve seen skunks wandering your yard in the daytime, it may be a sign that they have rabies. You should not approach the skunks. Instead, call pest control right away so that your skunk problem can be dealt with.

The second most obvious sign that you have skunks is the smell. When skunks spray, they have a very distinct smell that most people are familiar with. Smelling a skunk doesn’t necessarily mean you have a skunk invasion in your yard. However, if you consistently notice the smell, you may have a burrow nearby.

Skunk paw prints or droppings can also verify their presence. Their paw prints are unique compared to other animals of their size, which helps identify a skunk problem. You can also look for skunk droppings, which are similar to a cat’s but tend to have undigested foods in them such as insects, feathers, berries, or seeds.

Lastly, skunks forage by digging around in search of food, which will leave obvious signs of digging. They are likely looking for insects, worms, grubs, snakes, and plant roots.

Why choose Nature’s Balance for skunk removal?

Why risk having a pet or child traumatized by being sprayed by a skunk? You can avoid costly and time-consuming odor removal treatments by contacting Nature’s Balance Pest Control to get rid of the skunk. You can trust that we’ll take care of your problem and free your yard from any pests.

We can eliminate your skunk problem by using our natural products and humane methods to safely remove them. Our organic repellents are biodegradable and 100% non-toxic. If you’d prefer, we also can use traps to eliminate the skunk population in your yard.

All our products are of the highest quality, so our experienced pest control team achieves great results each time. We’re a family-owned business and seek to build relationships with each of our clients. We want to earn your trust so you can rely on us to take care of all your pest problems.

If you have a skunk problem in Utah, Wasatch, Salt Lake, or Summit counties, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We can remove the skunks and return your yard to normal. Contact us today to schedule a service.


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