Often known as coons, ringtails, and sometimes even called “trash pandas,” raccoons are an inquisitive and troublemaking species that live in Utah. They are not native to Utah, but they have found a home along the rivers and streams that run through the Wasatch Mountains. While they may look fluffy and cute, raccoons can be a serious problem to homeowners, especially when raccoons decide to move in and make themselves a nuisance.

Raccoons are a scavenging animal species. Like possums and badgers, raccoons are omnivorous and seek out food that other animals or people have left behind. It’s no surprise that unsecured garbage cans, pet food, and gardens are their prime targets. They have even been known to tear up grass and flowers in search of insects to eat.

We strongly advise anyone with a raccoon problem against trying to remove them themselves because raccoons can defend themselves and are primary carriers of diseases like rabies. Fortunately, Nature’s Balance Pest Control is only a phone call away.

How can I tell if I have a raccoon problem?

It is no coincidence that raccoons have mask-like fur around their eyes: they are the thieves of the night. They may not be easy to spot directly, as raccoons are nocturnal and do most of their scavenging after midnight. They aren’t picky about where they live so long as there are ample sources of food and water, making their dens a bit difficult to identify.

Here are a few warning signs to watch for if you suspect you have a raccoon infestation on your property:

  • A strong smell of feces and urine. This is a telltale sign of raccoons, especially as the winter starts to set in. Raccoons need to stay warm during the winter and do not often leave their dens once they settle in.
  • Damage to your home and your trash. Raccoon paws are perfect for causing all sorts of trouble as they search for food, and they have no manners when it comes to tearing through trash bags and scattering them everywhere.
  • Your pets may begin to act strangely, especially around areas the raccoons have recently scavenged or inhabited. At worst, your dogs or cats can be injured encountering a raccoon.

Choose Nature’s Balance for raccoon removal

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