If you’ve noticed your commercial or residential property is having issues with carpet beetles, it’s important that you immediately start to prevent and eliminate them. They can cause damage throughout your property by eating holes through furniture and other items made with wool, silk, feathers, and leather.

How do I prevent carpet beetles?

Follow these tips to prevent carpet beetles from coming onto your property. However, if you have noticed an infestation or even a few carpet beetles, it might be time to call Nature’s Balance Pest Control to take care of your carpet beetle issue.

Keep Your Property Clean

Be sure to regularly clean and vacuum your property. This includes cleaning surfaces, taking out trash, cleaning up food, and washing fabrics and clothing. A clean area is inhospitable for carpet beetles.

Seal Cracks and Crevices

Seal up any areas that carpet beetles might be able to enter from, especially in dark hidden areas where they are known to hide, like attics and cabinets.

Why should I choose Nature’s Balance Pest Control for carpet beetle control?

While there are plenty of pest control options in Park City, we’re the best option for multiple reasons. Here are just a few advantages to choosing Nature’s Balance Pest Control.

All Natural and Eco-Friendly

Unlike many other pest control companies, we offer all-natural and eco-friendly exterminator and pest control options, which are made with natural plant oils to prevent pests from returning. Our natural pest control is just as effective as other companies that use harsh chemicals to deal with carpet beetles and other pests.

No Contracts

At Nature’s Balance, we don’t require you to enter into a contract to receive our pest control service. Whether you need pest control for your residential or commercial property, you can sign up for recurring treatments that can be canceled at any time. All we ask is that you give us a 30-day notice.

Family-Owned and Personal Relationships

We’re also a local, family-owned business and strive to develop personal relationships with all our customers. This helps us build trust with our clients, so you know we are using the best and most advanced pest control solutions for your properties.

Inspection, Elimination, and then Prevention

At Nature’s Balance, we don’t jump right into an elimination approach. We start by inspecting the premises and positively identifying the pest. Then we thoroughly treat to eliminate the problem and implement a plan to prevent pests from returning. Our goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Call Nature’s Balance to Treat Carpet Beetles

If you need help with your carpet beetle problem in Draper, Alpine, or Springville, contact us today for an eco-friendly solution! We specialize in making sure your property is pest-free by using the proper tools and knowledge to eliminate carpet beetles and other pests. Reach out to our team of pest control experts for service today.


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