Once services have been completed, the last step is to make sure that no pests return and resettle inside your home. Because we are so close to nature, we are pleased to provide eco-friendly pest control options in areas such as Midway, Draper, and Pleasant Grove, Utah. Nature’s Balance specializes in environmentally friendly repellents designed to keep your property and landscape protected from unwanted critters without damaging their natural habitats.

Our natural, non-toxic repellents work well on a variety of animals. If you have issues with any of the following pests, we can help:

With consistent repellent applications, animals learn to avoid the area and seek food sources and shelter elsewhere. Say goodbye to those pesky neighbors that want to move in and devour your property.

What makes Nature’s Balance different?

Not only does the effectiveness of our repellents give us a great competitive edge, but we pride ourselves on being a local, family-owned and -operated business with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Listed below are a few things that make Nature’s Balance unique:

No Contracts

We want to do business with people we like and trust, and we seek long-term business relationships, relationships built on trust. For this reason, we don’t require a contract. You trust Nature’s Balance to solve or prevent pest issues, and we trust you to pay for our services. Whether you need regular preventative maintenance services or a solution to a one-time pest issue, we deliver guaranteed, professional results without a contract. We also offer a variety of convenient payment options.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Our mountain surroundings and our unique place in its ecosystem make us stewards of our environment. At Nature’s Balance, we set our service apart by using natural, powerful, and non-toxic pest-repelling ingredients. As members of this vibrant community, we strive to adhere to the “leave no trace” mentality. By using pure botanical oils in place of harsh chemical substitutes, Nature’s Balance creates a boundary between your home and nature without causing damage to the environment. Our pest control products naturally degrade and leave no damage or chemical smell behind.

Comprehensive Inspection and Exclusion Practices

Some pest control companies may just spray a bunch of chemicals around the house and call it a day. At Nature’s Balance, we perform a thorough inspection of each trouble area to confirm our products will do their job correctly and effectively. More importantly, if pests have found their way into your home, we make it our top priority to ensure they do not come back again. After the inspection, our trained specialists will notify you of their findings and can seal off any entrances that the pests may have used to infest your home. Though our approach to pest control is more labor-intensive than most, it ensures we get the job done right!

Dependable Pest Repellents

Are you having trouble with pests inside your home or on your property? Contact the professionals at Nature’s Balance Pest Control. We’re dedicated to our clients and to the place we call home. Let us help you today!


Our experienced team wants to provide you with the most effective and thorough service suited for your particular needs.

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