Ants aren’t inherently dangerous, but their presence in your home or office can still be a bad sign. These pests are tiny but can lead to very big problems. Ants can present health risks, leave bites, and even cause structural damage to your home. Additionally, many other pests look to ants as a food source, which means an ant infestation could just be the beginning of other infestations..

Park City and the surrounding areas like Salt Lake City and Provo see four main types of ants: carpenter, black, Argentine, and pavement. Carpenter ants can cause severe damage to the wood of your building as they chew it up. Black ants, also called sugar ants, while the smallest of the four, may be more of a nuisance than they first appear. These ants have several colonies and queens, meaning that their numbers can boom quickly. Argentine ants are aggressive and will join with other colonies if necessary. Pavement ants can contaminate foods, and if they’re seen outside, they’re probably inside too.

How can I prevent ants from invading?

Where one ant goes, another follows. The best way to prevent ants is to clean and wipe up spills immediately. Keep pet food in sealed containers and off the ground. Make sure that doors, windows, and other openings are sealed tight so that ants can’t get in. If ants have gotten past your barricades, it’s time to call for reinforcements from Nature’s Balance Pest Control.

Why choose Nature’s Balance for Ant Removal and Treatment?

Ants can be tricky to tackle by yourself simply because of their sheer numbers with the majority of them living below the surface. Think of an iceberg. When you find ants foraging for food, you’re only seeing a small number from their colony. While you may be able to tame a portion of them, another bunch may pop up later. The most effective way to keep ants from coming back to your property is to make use of the solutions provided by Nature’s Balance. We’ll take care of the ants that currently bother you and make sure they never return. When you choose Nature’s Balance, you can also expect:

  • Eco-Friendly options: We can use traditional products or those from essential oils and other natural sources to effectively take care of your ant problem without causing harm to you or the environment.
  • Simple payments: We accept cash, checks, and most credit cards to make the treatment convenient for you. We can also leave the invoice on the door, email it, or send it through USPS.
  • No stains or bad odors: Unlike the harsh chemical treatments on the market, our natural products won’t leave horrible smells that linger long after the treatment.

If you have a problem with ants in Salt Lake City, Heber, Provo, or anywhere in between, let Nature’s Balance Pest control take it on! We’ll give you expert care and solutions to get you back to peaceful living without annoying and harmful pests. Contact us today to get a free quote or to learn more about our services here. We look forward to working with you!


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