Professional Mice Extermination

In Utah, the beauty of the rugged mountain landscape is clear to see. But what is not so clear are the pests that live in those gorgeous landscapes. For those that live in Heber City, Sandy, and Pleasant Grove, Utah, one of the most common forms of pests that invade homes is the simple mouse.

Unfortunately, mice are not so simple in the way they intrude upon residential and commercial properties. Mice may look cuddly to some, but field mice multiply wildly. They also carry several diseases because of the fleas they carry. They will eat just about anything, from produce outside to food stocks in your pantry. And due to the way that their teeth continue to grow all through their lives, they need to constantly chew to keep their teeth the proper length to eat.

This means they chew absolutely everything, including power lines; if you think you have mice living in your basement and your power goes out, you may have your answer.

What are the signs of a mice infestation?

One of the fastest ways to see if you have mice is to spot them scurrying around in the shadows of your home or office. If you move boxes or furniture and see them scurry away, that’s your sign to give Nature’s Balance a call right away. Besides this, you will notice their droppings, which are small, brown, and rice-shaped. Their tracks are also a sign, as they leave trails of dust, dirt, and urine stains behind them as they move. If you have any doubts, lay down a bit of flour or baby powder on their suspected trails. If you find white lines, you have your answer.

If you smell any bad odors inside your home that seem out of the ordinary, and you can’t seem to find the source, it may be a sign that mice are living somewhere hidden nearby. Their scratch marks can often be seen on walls. And if you pick up a cereal box and notice that all the cereal inside pours out through a chewed-up hole, you have a mouse problem. And finally, if you discover any nests in basements or attics, it’s time to call the professionals to make sure the problem is solved for good.

Choose Nature’s Balance for Mice Control

Nature’s Balance is dedicated to helping our customers get rid of their pest problems with eco-friendly solutions that are guaranteed to leave your home and your yard without issues. For mice, we take a more aggressive approach. After a thorough investigation of your building, we take care of the problem before sealing holes and calking walls to ensure they never return.

Give us a call today and schedule your pest control consultation. Don’t let your mice infestation become worse when you have Nature’s Balance as an ally in rodent control.


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