Why Do Ants Come Out During the Spring?

Unfortunately, ants are one of the most common pest invaders in Utah and throughout the country. While you might think that ants are not that big of a problem because they’re so small, they can cause significant issues. Some species pose health risks, and others create property damage, but even the more harmless species can make large nests that are extremely difficult to remove.

During the spring, you’ll start seeing ants emerge. You may wonder why ants become so widespread in the spring and what you can do to prevent them. Discover more about ants and how to deter them in this guide from Nature’s Balance Pest Control.

Why Ants Emerge in the Spring

Because ants don’t entirely hibernate during the winter, you may still see them during colder months. However, they do become more dormant and slow down. But once spring comes around, ants start to emerge again. They do this due to warmer weather and more food available to find.

Once they do leave their colonies during the spring, they will tunnel in search of food and mates to reproduce with. This means you’ll be seeing a lot more ants during the spring and summer. However, you could have already had an ant infestation before spring hits; you just might not have noticed during the winter.

Tips for Preventing Ants

Some ant species are technically harmless, but they can still cause big issues around your property. Even small pavement ants can build tunnels around your home, and removing them is a hassle. The most effective way to remove ants is to request assistance from Nature’s Balance Pest Control, but you can also take some steps to deter them in the first place.

Here are some helpful tips for preventing ants:

  • Removing excess humidity around your home and yard by fixing leaky faucets and getting rid of standing water
  • Eliminating access to food sources by cleaning up kitchens regularly and wiping up spills
  • Cleaning up yard waste and debris, such as old leaves and grass clippings
  • Taking out the trash regularly

For more assistance with preventing ants, reach out to our pest control team or check out our blogs with helpful pest prevention tips.

Remove Ant Infestations from Your Property

Are you already dealing with an ant problem around your property? While this can be stressful, you don’t have to worry. The team at Nature’s Balance Pest Control provides pest control services that are safe for your family and pets but very effective on pests like ants. Contact us today to request your free quote.