Nature’s Balance is great. Prompt service, good rates, great advice.
Christina M. - Park City
Nature’s Balance has been excellent. They’re professional and have addressed any and all of our concerns with very successful remedies. We can confidently recommend Nature’s Balance.
AJ M. - Park City
Great company and great service. They came back an extra time once last summer when we had wasps take residency under our deck. They resprayed the problem areas at no extra charge just because they knew we had 2 small girls. The spray smells pleasant and my neighbor who doesn’t spray mentioned they get a lot of big spiders. I have only seen 1 or 2 all last summer and none this summer! We are using them again this year.
Kelly H. - Orem
Natures balance does a great job… It’s reassuring that the products they use are safe for my children, and keep the spiders away!
Christine O. - Midway
I have loved having Natures Balance come and spray my home for bugs. When we first moved in we had lots of spiders inside. Now I never see bugs of any kind in my home. This summer we had a large wasp nest behind our home. Natures Balance came and sprayed promptly and then just like that our wasp problem was gone. It was wonderful how quick the solution worked and how it lasted the rest of the season. I also enjoy that it is safe for children. I have been enjoying Natures Balance for three years and will continue to do so.
Megan P. - Midway
Very good company. The technicians come when they say they will, and do a great job. We haven’t seen a spider in a year and a half! As long as they’ve been coming. We are very happy and would happily recommend this business.
Nancy D. - Heber City
We have been using Nature’s Balance for the past five years. In that time we haven’t seen a single spider in our house! Prior to that, they were all over our basement. We have also been box elder bug free. Dan has taken great care of us and all of our needs. We highly recommend Nature’s Balance!
Kristen S. - Midway
Always courteous and professional. I have never had problems with pests or rodents since using Nature’s Balance on a regular basis.
Pam M. - Park City
Excellent customer service and, more importantly, natural pest control that works! We haven’t seen spiders, beetles or other insects in or around our house since we started using the service. The smell of the treatment is pleasant, communication from the company on dates/times of spraying is consistent and clear, and the pricing is very fair. I highly recommend Nature’s Balance!
Amber L. - Salt Lake City
Great service and it worked! I was very skeptical on how it would smell and how well it would work but I can confirm great results! The smell is great, very minty smell that was wonderful. I am pregnant and have a 3 year old and a dog and cat so I wanted something super safe and no intense smell. We had a ton of unharmful beetles that they were able to identify and get rid of. Can’t say enough good thing about these guys!
Sarah Y. - Park City
I have been using Nature’s Balance For pest control for almost 8 years. The products are natural, take care of the pests, and do not bother us, our grandchildren, or pets. The products actually smell good. I love the customer service….a regular schedule with reminders, a variety of payment options, and no charge call backs. I highly recommend this business.
LaRie P. - Heber City
Love, love, Nature’s Balance. They are awesome and come when I need them. And keep us spider free!!
Tracy A.- Midway
I have been a customer of Nature’s Balance Pest Control for over 5 years and am very pleased with their service. The products they use are environmentally friendly and very effective. They are friendly, thorough and stand behind what they do. I have, and would highly recommend them.
Harold E. - Sandy
I called Nature’s Balance to take care of a huge vole problem we noticed after a hard winter. Our lawn on every side of our home was virtually destroyed by vole tunnels. They came out immediately and discussed the solutions and have been very responsive to all my emails. They came out quickly and set up the treatment and our vole problem has been eliminated. I highly recommend Nature’s Balance for your pest problems.
Robin D. - Park City