What Are Marmots and How Do I Prevent Them?

When it comes to pests, you’re probably aware of many species. You’ve likely noticed ants around your property at one point or another, or you’ve been grossed out by a spider or a mouse. However, you may not know as much about some other pest invaders, even if they can also cause damage if they get around your home or business.

One strange pest you may have heard about in passing is the marmot, also known as rock chucks. The peculiar name makes them hard to identify, but the truth is that marmots are just large rodents. In this guide from Nature’s Balance Pest Control, you’ll learn all you need to know about marmots, including how to prevent them.

What Exactly Are Marmots?

Marmots are a type of big rodent and are technically a species of ground squirrel. When you see them, you may mistake them for groundhogs, as they do look quite similar. However, marmots have more reddish and yellow coloration. Other than that, they have a similar body shape to ground squirrels and can cause similar issues around yards.

What Problems Do Marmots Cause for Homeowners?

Because marmots are rodents, they can cause significant concerns for homeowners. They will build burrows and go around yards and properties looking for food. They are large enough rodents that they have voracious appetites. They can damage crops, gardens, and landscaping.

While not as dangerous as other rodents, they can also pose some health risks as they can carry diseases.

How to Prevent Marmots

Luckily, marmots are much less common than other rodents, but they do show up in areas near the mountains and wilderness. The best way to prevent marmots is to remove the sources that attract them. Make sure you keep your yard fenced and remove excess yard waste. Keeping your yard clean and removing excess moisture will deter them.

Finally, you can prevent marmots by requesting wildlife control services from pest experts at Nature’s Balance Pest Control for long-lasting prevention and to remove a marmot problem.

Request Rodent Prevention Services Today

Marmots are frustrating to find around your yard because they can cause property damage and pose some minor health risks. Because they are around eleven inches long, you don’t want to approach them, as they may feel defensive and bite you.

If you have a marmot problem, the best way to remove them is by contacting Nature’s Balance Pest Control. Call today to request a free quote or to book a service visit.