6 Bugs You Might Find on Your Christmas Tree

If you prefer a real tree over an artificial one, you may have noticed that bugs can sometimes be an issue. You can easily prepare your tree before bringing it into your home to prevent having bugs by using a pre-treatment, but not everyone is aware that you can pre-treat a Christmas tree. If you’re noticing pests on your Christmas tree, here are six bugs that often make a home in Christmas trees.

1. Aphids and Booklice

While not all Christmas trees will have bugs on them, if they do, aphids and booklice are some of the most common ones. They are commonly found on balsam fir, spruce, pine, Fraser fir, evergreen, and white fir trees near the lower limbs. If you encounter these bugs, just remember not to squish them because they will leave a red stain.

2. Adelgids

Adelgids are also commonly found on trees, although most people might mistake them for snow dust leftover on the tree. However, once your tree has been inside your warm home and you still see the white dusting, you’ll know you’re dealing with bugs.

3. Bark Beetles

Bark beetles are another type of pest that could have made your tree their home. For the most part, they will keep to the wood and bark of your tree, leaving small holes behind where they burrow. You don’t have to worry about them infesting any wooden furniture, though, because furniture wood is typically dry.

4. Mites and Spiders

If you’re noticing any small brown or red dots on your tree, these could be spiders or mites. Another sign to look out for is any red stains on your ornaments or even on the carpet around your Christmas tree. These pests can also cause your tree needles to start falling off early.

5. Praying Mantises

Your tree may be the home to praying mantis egg sacks. While these egg sacks won’t hatch right away, after being inside your warm home for a couple of weeks, they may begin to hatch. This can lead to an infestation of praying mantises very quickly, but they can’t survive in indoor conditions for long.

6. Pine Needle Scale

If you’ve noticed small white dots on the needles of your tree branches, it’s likely your tree is home to pine needle scale. Small red bugs will hatch from these eggs but are typically only found on Douglas fir, Norway spruce, and Scotch pine trees.

While most of these bugs won’t cause much harm, no one likes having their beautiful Christmas tree home to such pests. To avoid bringing bugs into your home, examine trees when selecting the right one for you. Look for any egg sacks or bird nests. To be safe, you can also leave your tree in your garage for a few days before setting it up or you can use a pre-treatment to kill any pests remaining on your tree. If you have any questions or concerns about the bugs on your tree, you can always consult your local experts at Nature’s Balance Pest Control!