What Attracts Marmots to Your Yard?

If you’re from Utah, you’ve probably heard about or maybe even seen a rock chuck around. But did you know that rock chucks are marmots? Yellow-bellied marmots, to be exact. While that’s the technical name for these large rodents, they are known as rock chucks by many people.

And, while these rodents might look cute, depending on how you feel about rodents, they can be challenging to have around your yard. While marmots are fairly standard in Utah and the surrounding areas, they can be somewhat dangerous and destructive.

Learn more about marmots and what attracts them to your property in this guide from Nature’s Balance Pest Control.

What Do Marmots Look Like?

Marmots are the largest species in the squirrel family, and they are known as a type of ground squirrel. They can reach over two feet long and weigh as much as eleven pounds.

They usually live in high-elevation areas as they are adapted to cold environments. Their fur is reddish-brown, and their bellies are yellow. They have rather stout bodies and small ears and eyes.

What Attracts Marmots?

Like many rodents, marmots mainly come around homes and businesses looking for food. However, unlike rats and mice, they aren’t looking to eat just any human food they can access. This means they aren’t likely to get inside your home.

Instead, they mostly eat plants. However, they occasionally eat things like fruits, vegetables, insects, and eggs. Most of the time, marmots are attracted to yards with many grasses, overgrown plants, and gardens.

Are Marmots Dangerous or Destructive?

Marmots are generally reclusive and stay away from humans if you leave them alone. However, if you disturb them or your dog gets near them, they may bite in self-defense. Still, it can be somewhat dangerous to have marmots around your yard as they can carry ticks with them, and ticks can spread illnesses such as Lyme disease.

While marmots aren’t as destructive to property as some other rodents, they can damage plants and gardens. And on the rare chance they get inside or near your home, they could cause some messes. They are good at creating holes, which can cause a problem around your yard as well.

Marmot Prevention and Removal

Marmots are wild animals that are best left to the professionals. If you want to deter marmots, you can learn more in this guide on marmot prevention tips. But the most effective way to both prevent and remove marmots from around your property is by contacting the experts at Nature’s Balance Pet Control.

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