How to Prevent Rodents This Fall and Winter

Rodents are creatures that bring about many mixed emotions. Some people despise all rodents, others keep some of them as pets. While rodents can be cute, wild rodents are actually some of the most dangerous pets.

Many rodents have adapted to live alongside humans for thousands of years, so they are one of the most pervasive pests, including in Utah. While rodents are active year-round, they often invade homes in the fall and winter as they look for shelter from cooler temperatures.

If you want to prevent these difficult pests from invading your home this year, here are some tips you learned from the experts at Nature’s Balance Pest Control.

Common Rodents In Utah

There are multiple different rodent species in Utah, but the two most common are Norway rats and the common house mouse. These two species are the ones that normally get inside homes in search of food or shelter.

The common house mouse is a light tan to gray color and has more rounded ears and skinnier tails. Norway rats, often known as brown rats, have light brown fur and scaly tails.

Five Rodent Prevention Tips

Rodents are more than just nuisance pests. They will destroy property as they chew on everything from plastic to food to wires. They can also spread some diseases and cause allergies.

It’s important to follow these prevention tips to keep them out of your home this fall and winter season. Here are five things you can do to keep them out.

Clean Garages and Sheds

Most rodents love garages and sheds because they are often cluttered and offer many places to hide. As fall sets in, do a deep clean of these areas to make them less welcoming to these pests.

Clear Up Your Yard

Your yard can also attract rodents. If there is a lot of debris or places to hide, rodents will come around. They also will come looking for things like fallen fruits or old produce from the garden. Make sure to remove yard debris and store wood piles in a covered area.

Seal Entry Points

Rodents are excellent at making their way inside homes, as they can chew their way through small holes. You can help keep them out by sealing up holes in the walls and foundation with steel wool or mesh.

Address Garbages

Mice and rats are attracted to garbage, as they will eat old food. Make sure your outdoor garbage is clean and have tight lids. You should also take indoor garbage out regularly.

Inspect Your Home

Finally, make sure to check around the areas of your home that you don’t use as often. Rodents often nest in places like basements, attics, and closets. Keep these areas clean and remove excess clutter.

Keep Your Home Safe From Rodents

Because rodents are so common, it can be difficult to completely prevent them on your own. For the best protection from rodents, reach out to Nature’s Balance Pest Control. We offer rodent removal and prevention services.

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