Do I Need Pest Control During the Winter?

In the spring and summer, you probably see a lot of pests around your home or business. You may notice ants on the sidewalk or wasps lingering in your yard. But, when winter comes, you probably notice a drop in the number of pests you see each week.

Because of this, many people assume that they don’t need pest control services during the winter, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s true that some pests are dormant in the winter, not all of them are. If you want to protect your property from pest infestations, it’s wise to get pest control service visits in the winter, too.

Learn why pest control matters even when it’s cold in this guide from Nature’s Balance Pest Control.

Pests Could Be Wintering Inside Your Walls

While many pest species do go dormant, or at least become less active, during the winter, this doesn’t mean they go away completely.

Multiple species, including box elder bugs, stink bugs, ants, and flies, will get inside buildings in the fall. They look for places to overwinter that are warm, so they will cozy up in your walls and other tight places.

You probably won’t know they are there for a while, but when spring comes, they’ll emerge in large numbers. Winter pest control can remove these dormant insects and their eggs before they become a huge problem.

Many Pests Are Active Year-Round

Yes, some pests go mostly dormant in the cold weather, but many others do not. Common species like cockroaches and rodents are just as prevalent in the winter, and sometimes, they are even more likely to become a problem. Mice or rats may look more insistently for a warm place to live when it’s cold.

Unfortunately, species like rodents and cockroaches can spread diseases and also damage your property. So, you want to get winter pest control services to prevent and remove these troublesome pests.

Winter Is a Good Time to Remove Access Points

Finally, winter can be a great time to remove access points into your home or business. After a winter pest control service, you can rest easy knowing pests are removed from your property.

But, if you want to keep pests from coming back in the spring, it’s a good time to focus on shoring up your walls and entry points.

Some ways to remove pest access points include:

  • Replacing broken screens in doors and windows
  • Repairing holes in the walls or around other entry points into the building
  • Restoring or replacing weather stripping and door sweeps

Request a Pest Control Service!

Because pests can still pose multiple risks in the winter, you don’t want to forego seasonal pest control services. At Nature’s Balance Pest Control, we will address pests that are active in the winter along with those that may be wintering inside your home or business.

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