What are Voles? And How Do You Prevent Them?

Do you know the differences between voles and moles? If you get confused about the difference between these two rodents, you’re not the only one. The names of these two pests sound so similar that it’s easy to have difficulties telling them apart.

However, as far as appearance and behavior, voles are distinct from moles, and they also have distinct differences from other small rodents.

In this guide from the pros at Nature’s Balance Pest Control, we cover all you need to know about voles, including some useful tips for preventing them.

What are Voles and What Do They Look Like?

Voles actually look much more like the common house mouse than they do moles. In fact, another name for a vole is the “field mouse.” These rodents mostly live outdoors, and while they look a lot like mice, they have smaller ears and tails with stockier bodies.

Another way to tell whether you have voles or something else is by their behaviors. While house mice are much more likely to live indoors, voles mainly live outside, although they will occasionally make their way indoors.

Unlike moles, however, voles create trails in yards, not tunnels.

Are Voles Harmful?

While voles are less likely than some other rodents to spread disease, they can still do so. Because they’re less likely to nest inside your home, you’re less likely to come into contact with vols. However, they can still spread germs and illness through their urine and feces.

The biggest issue with voles, however, is how destructive they are. They will destroy your lawn, plants, gardens, and more.

Effective Vole Prevention Tips

Because voles can damage your property and pose some health risks, you don’t want to have them around your Utah home. As with all rodents, prevention is much easier than removal. So, we recommend following these vole prevention tips:

  1. Keep your yard well-maintained: Voles prefer properties that are overgrown and offer them lots of places to hide. Regularly mow, trim plants, and clean up yard debris.
  2. Remove wood piles: Voles will often hide and nest in piles of wood, so keep these out of your yard and consider storing them in a garage or shed instead.
  3. Request rodent prevention services: Rodents, including voles, are challenging to prevent. The best way to keep them away from your yard is through professional pest control services.

Call for Rodent Prevention Services

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