The 5 Most Common Pests You’ll Find in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can attract many unwanted pests, and it can be frustrating when they turn your kitchen into their new home. Some of the most common kitchen pests can be easily prevented by keeping your kitchen clean and sealing off possible entry points that pests could use to enter your kitchen. Listed below are five of the most common kitchen pests and solutions on how to handle them.

1. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests you’ll encounter in your kitchen, and they can be one of the most concerning, especially when seen crawling around where you normally cook and eat. No one wants cockroaches in their kitchen, but these pests are attracted to any food debris, grease, moisture, or clutter, all of which are commonly found in kitchens. By maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen through common sanitization techniques such as sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and more, you can easily prevent cockroaches from making your kitchen their new home. If you already have cockroaches, speak with a trained professional who can help to eliminate this infestation for you.

2. Ants

Ants are another very common kitchen pest and can easily become a large problem if left untreated. Different species are attracted to different foods in your kitchen, such as meats, eggs, oils, and fats. They are also drawn to dead insects, sweets, cheese, bread, grease, and nuts. When it’s dry outside, they are attracted to moisture inside. Just like cockroaches, keeping a clean kitchen can help prevent ants from choosing your kitchen as their new home. Sealing off any possible entry points will also prevent ants from sneaking into your kitchen. If ants have already infested your home, please speak with a trained professional.

3. Flies

Flies are one of the most common pests you can find around your kitchen. With so many different species of flies—from house flies to fruit flies—it can be difficult to pinpoint why they are interested in your kitchen, but here are a few common reasons and solutions. Often, flies are attracted to rotting fruit, meats, and vegetables. It is also common for flies to be attracted to your trash can or even dirty dishes in the sink. Common house flies will come in through open doors and windows, seeking a free meal. Keep doors and windows closed to limit them from coming in.

Oftentimes, filth flies or drain flies will find their way into your home through sewage pipes and drainpipes. By keeping your p-trap full of water and your drains and pipes sanitized, you can help prevent flies from getting into your home. You should also ensure dishes are clean and out of the sink and keep your trash can covered. If you do have a fly problem, you’ll need to find and eliminate their breeding site to prevent them from returning. If flies have already infested your home, please speak with a trained professional.

4. Mice and Rats

Rodents are probably one of the last pests you want to see in your kitchen. Nobody wants to find rat or mice droppings in their pantry, not to mention that children are often afraid of them, and they could potentially bite you. Rodents can also carry diseases, which is why it’s important to prevent them from entering your home and kitchen. Rodents are usually attracted to food and stores that are kept in the home and can gain entrance to your kitchen through holes and gaps in walls, floors, foundations, and windows. An easy solution to preventing rodents from getting into your kitchen is to identify and then seal off any of those potential entry points. If you already have a rodent problem, contact a professional who has experience with rodents.

5. Beetles

Beetles can also be a regular kitchen pest, often gaining access to your kitchen by easily squeezing through cracks and holes on their way to your food stores or pantry. Once inside, beetles will quickly head for any packaged products, including crackers, flour, nuts, or pet food as these are easily accessible food sources for them. You can prevent beetles from infesting your kitchen by removing all open food sources that could be contributing to the problem, cleaning out your pantry, and making sure to keep all pantry foods completely sealed.

The next time you find any of these five common kitchen pests in your kitchen, be sure to eliminate the source of the problem right away. Whether the problem is dirty dishes in the sink, an uncovered trash can, rotting food, or even just food that isn’t properly sealed, it is important to make sure you are not providing these pests a convenient food source. Be sure to also do regular and preventative kitchen cleaning and maintenance routines. If you do find yourself with a pest infestation on your hands, hire Nature’s Balance Pest Control to take care of the problem for you.