5 Pests to Watch for This Summer

Utah is one of the best places in the United States to enjoy the warm temperatures of summer. Whether you stay home and explore the high mountains or take a trip down south to the national parks, there’s always something to do. Unfortunately, pests also take advantage of the warm weather. Summer is the time when insects and spiders become the most active, and often their goal is to make your home their home.


Spiders usually love to dwell in the shadows, laying eggs and lying in wait for their prey to come to them. During the summer, their numbers increase because of the increase of other pests. As flies reproduce due to the availability of water and food sources, spiders like the brown recluse and the black widow increase with more flies to eat.

Keep an eye out for webs in the corners of your house, especially in dark places like basements, garages, and outdoor storage sheds. Keep your yard well-managed and free of other insects, and spiders will accordingly reduce in number.


The key to getting rid of flies is to remove their food sources. Never leave food out in the open for long. Remove sources of standing water, including leaking pipes and sinks filled with long-soaking dishes. Fly larvae can often make their homes inside fallen and rotting fruit from fruit trees, so keep your yard clean the best you can. A fly-free yard is a wonderful place for a barbeque!


Wasps are nasty insects with a painful sting that can be extremely dangerous to children and adults that are allergic to their venom. If you spot one of their grey paper-like nests, don’t hose it down with water. Wasps in particular are best removed by the professionals with the proper gear and training.

Before summer begins, keep an eye out for the formation of any nests and beat them before they can turn into a large hive. Use wasp-specific repellents, and keep any discarded trash, leaf piles, and compost piles as far from your home as possible. If other insect infestations have happened, wasps will notice and come running.


Ants are experts at finding nutrients and water for their colonies, and other insects notice. An ant infestation will lead to other insect infestations, so removing these pests is very important. Clean up the yard and ensure that no ant will find even a trace of water or food (including pet food) inside or outside of your home.


Mosquitoes are the queens of disease (as the females are the ones that suck blood to lay eggs). They multiply by laying eggs in standing water. They hatch during the summer, and love swarming in thick and unmanaged foliage. Keep your yard and your home free of standing or dripping water. Keep an eye on your outdoor pets and kids as they play, as multiple bug bites are a sign of a high mosquito population.

Keep an eye out for these pests, nip any potential infestations in the bud, and you’ll be sure to have a more enjoyable summer. Contact Nature’s Balance Pest Control for pest removal services today!