The Real Scare: 5 Pests That are Bad for Your Health

With Halloween around the corner, everyone is getting ready to celebrate the holiday: buying candy, setting up festive and spooky decorations, and picking out fun or scary costumes. But during this time of the year, Halloween isn’t the only scary thing to watch out for. There are much scarier things, such as pests that not only infest your home but can negatively affect your health. Here are five pests to look out for during the Halloween season:

1. Mosquitos

While mosquitos may seem like more of a nuisance than an insect that could be detrimental to your health, they are one of the most dangerous insects on the planet. They can carry many dangerous and deadly diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and more, which they can easily transmit to humans.

2. Cockroaches

If cockroaches live in your home undetected, they’ll leave behind droppings and urine, which, if airborne, can cause allergens. Once cockroaches start breeding, you can easily have an infestation on your hands.

3. Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are very similar. Once they gain entry to your home, they’ll be on the lookout for food and will infest and contaminate your kitchen. They’ll leave droppings and urine, which have bacteria and diseases that can spread throughout your house.

4. Lice and Fleas

Lice and fleas feed off blood from humans and pets, but their bites can also cause red bumps or itchiness. Additionally, lice and fleas are known to carry several infectious diseases, such as Trench fever, borreliosis, and types of typhus. These pests can transmit these diseases to you if they bite you.

5. Ticks

Ticks are dangerous insects because they implant themselves in the major skin folds of humans, such as the armpit and groin areas. If they implant themselves on you, they can cause several issues, including tick-borne meningoencephalitis, spotted fevers, lime disease, and several types of typhus.

If you want to prevent these pests, or you’ve noticed any of them around or in your home, be sure to contact a professional to have them taken care of so that you can have a clean, safe environment for your friends and family. At Nature’s Balance Pest Control, we offer eco-friendly solutions to take care of all your pest problems. Contact us for pest control services today.