Pests That Hibernate During The Winter

In a state like Utah where the weather gets cold in the winter, many people wonder what happens to pest species once the temperature cools down. The answer to this question varies by species. Some pests, like rodents, are active year-round. Others will go dormant or enter a state of hibernation, often known as overwintering, once it’s cold.

While this means you probably won’t encounter as many pests over the winter, the truth is that many overwintering pests will get inside your home in the fall. There they will lay dormant until spring, at which time they will emerge in large numbers.

If you want to keep your property pest-free, it’s still important to have regular pest control services in the wintertime. Learn more about common hibernating pest species in this guide from Nature’s Balance Pest Control.


Mosquitoes are a pest that nobody misses when they’re gone! Luckily, they do go dormant throughout the winter, but they will emerge again in the spring. While they usually don’t live inside buildings, you can help deter them if you have your yard treated multiple times per year.


Most ants don’t go completely dormant in the winter. Instead, they just slow it down. In the coldest months, they will stay in their burrows, hills, and tunnels, but they could still be expanding their numbers inside your home, waiting until it warms up.

A seasonal pest control service can help remove any existing ants from around your building or property.


Flies are another pest you probably notice a lot of in the summertime heat. While it’s very welcome when they are gone, they haven’t disappeared for good.

Flies only live around ten days, but they lay eggs before it gets cold. These eggs can survive cold temperatures, meaning that flies will be around again once springtime hits.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are one of the biggest overwintering pest threats. During the fall, they will make their way inside your home or business with the intent of staying for the winter.

While you won’t notice them inside your walls while it’s cold, you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise when they come out in droves in the spring. However, with winter pest control, you can stop them from emerging.

Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs also get into buildings in the fall as they look for a place away from the cold to overwinter. Like with stink bugs, you likely won’t notice them until it’s warm again. But, with our pest control services, you can eliminate them before the infestation becomes a problem.

Remove Overwintering Pests with Nature’s Balance

While you might not see these pests during the winter, you won’t be able to ignore them once the weather warms up. Instead of dealing with pest infestations, let our pest professionals eliminate the infestations while they’re still dormant.

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