How to Prevent Boxelder Bugs

Do you live in Utah? If so, you’ve likely seen boxelder bugs at some point. These invasive pests are common throughout many parts of the state, and you’ve probably seen them gather around your windows or patios in the late summer and early fall.

But, what are boxelder bugs exactly? Do these pose risks for people? In this guide from Nature’s Balance Pest Control, you’ll learn all you need to know about boxelder bugs and then get some useful prevention tips.

What Exactly are Box Elder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs are small black bugs with orangish-red markings that look like veins along their wings and bodies.

While they look somewhat like beetles, they are a type of “true bug.” These pests live on various trees, such as maples, box elders, and ash. Because they love boxelder trees, that is where they get their name.

Are Boxelder Bugs Dangerous?

Boxelder bugs are a relatively harmless pest, as they don’t spread disease and aren’t venomous. However, they are a truly annoying bug to have around. In the fall, they congregate around walls and windows as they try to find a place to hide over winter.

If they do find a place inside to spend the winter, they’ll emerge in the spring and cause the same problems again.

While box elder bugs aren’t dangerous, they are a nuisance. They tend to invade in such large numbers that they are gross and difficult to get rid of, especially without professional help.

Tips for Preventing Boxelder Bugs

Because boxelder bugs are so annoying to deal with, taking steps to prevent them is key. While removing an infestation is difficult, prevention is much more effective and takes less effort.

Here is what we suggest for preventing boxelder bugs:

  • Seal up holes in the walls and foundation with caulk to prevent boxelder bugs from getting inside.
  • Repair broken screens in doors and windows so that the pests can’t get inside.
  • Keep the tree boxelder bugs live on trimmed and well-maintained.
  • Remove bugs you see around your home with a vacuum. This is more effective than most other methods for removing them.
  • Work with pest control professionals to get yearlong protection around your property.

Generally, the best way to prevent boxelder bugs is to partner with Nature’s Balance Pest Control for effective boxelder bug prevention and removal services. See how we can help!

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