Clover Mites: What are They and How are They Prevented?

You’ve probably run across many pests in Utah before that you can easily recognize, such as spiders, flies, and rodents. However, there are some other pest species in the area you might not know about, but that can still cause major problems on your property.

One of these troubling pests is the clover mite. While they look like tiny red insects, they are a kind of arachnid. However, despite being related to spiders, they don’t bite and aren’t dangerous to humans. Still, clover mites can cause issues for homeowners in Utah, so it’s important to know more about them.

In this guide, the pest control team at Nature’s Balance goes over more about clover mites, including how to prevent these pests if they invade your property.

Clover Mites and Property Damage

Clover mites are a reddish-orange color and only as big as a pinhead. Because of their small size, you probably wouldn’t notice one or two around. Still, they do tend to gather together on furniture, walls, and siding.

Because they congregate in large groups, clover mites can inflict some property damage around your home and belongings. They often leave behind stains in the form of red marks, and this can ruin upholstered items, carpets, clothing, and more.

The other major issue with clover mites is that they invade in such large numbers that removing them can seem impossible. However, they usually can only survive inside for a few days at a time, but that’s still enough time for them to damage your belongings.

How to Prevent Clover Mites

Because clover mites can damage your property and items, preventing them ahead of time is a wise choice. You can follow some simple prevention tips, such as:

  • Regularly cleaning gutters to remove moisture, as clover mites like humidity
  • Frequently trimming up plants around your house
  • Generally keeping your yard clear of organic debris like fallen leaves

Finally, you can get clover mite prevention and removal by working with experienced pest control experts like the team at Nature’s Balance.

Protect Your Property from Clover Mites

Dealing with invasive, messy pests is never enjoyable. If you’re dealing with clover mites, the pest control pros at Nature’s Balance are here to assist you in providing eco-friendly pest control solutions that are effective on pests and safe for your household. Call today to request a visit or get a free quote.