5 Ways to Prevent Wasps From Nesting

When it comes to stinging insects, wasps are some of the scariest to find around your yard. While bees look rather bumbling and cute and make honey, wasps are known for being a bit more aggressive. Their stings can cause health issues, especially for those allergic to the venom.

Dealing with wasps around your Utah property is frustrating. If you already have wasps, the safest way to remove them is with assistance from the experts. You can reach out to Naturels Balance Pest Control for prompt wasp nest removal.

However, if you don’t have wasps and want to prevent them, the following five tips can lower your risk of a wasp infestation.

Remove Food and Drink Spills

Like bees, wasps are pollinators. This means that they love the nectar of plants and are also attracted to sweet smells. Generally, they’ll be drawn to almost any human food, but they particularly like sugary drinks and sweets.

If you eat outside, be sure to remove the food quickly and clean up any messes left behind.

Get Rid of Excess Water

Have you ever noticed that wasps will hang out around hot tubs or pools? This is because they tend to love standing water. If you have things like a hot tub around your yard, keep them covered when not in use.

It’s also wise to remove areas where water tends to pool around your property.

Deal with Trash Around Your Yard

Because wasps like sweet scents, they are often attracted to rotting garbage. This means you should clean up any trash around the yard. Also, ensure you regularly clean outdoor trash cans and keep them covered with secure lids.

Fill Up Holes in the Ground

Utah is home to many different wasps species. Some like to build their nests under the eaves of homes or fence posts. But others will create nests in the ground.

To deter species like the mud dauber, always cover up any small holes in the ground.

Seal Access Points into the Home

Most of these tips help remove underlying factors that attract wasps to your property. Still, it’s also a good idea to keep wasps from getting into your home. Make sure that you seal up cracks around doors and windows.

Also, if you leave windows or doors open, ensure they have screens and that the screens are intact.

Wasp Nest Removal Professionals

When dealing with a current wasp nest, it’s best to call Nature’s Balance Pest Control. Trying to remove a nest is when you’re most likely to be stung, so it’s better to leave this job to trained professionals. We can also assist with wasp prevention services.

Call today to get started with residential pest control or to learn more about wasp control options.