5 Ways to Keep Pests out of Your Retail Store

Whether you own a small business or a large company, catering to the comfort of your customers when they visit your store is paramount. You may be short-staffed or out of certain sizes, but no inconvenience is going to make your valuable customers leave quite like a visible pest problem.

Before your retail store suffers because of insects, rodents, or spiders, here are five ways you can prevent pests from bugging you, your employees, and your clients.

1. Keep an Eye on Your Store’s Entrances

Quite simply, doors that are kept open are an invitation for pests to enter. Automatic doors, while convenient, are vulnerable to insect intrusion. Air curtains are a great solution for retail entrances that see high traffic. Back doors and loading docks make for particularly enticing targets due to the possible access of garbage and stock. This is a problem that is easy to solve: keep entrances closed to the outside whenever possible.

2. Identify and Repair Cracks, Holes, and Other Damage

Pests can find any weakness in a building’s structure and move in if they can squeeze through a crack or a gap. If pests are showing up in your retail space, inspect the structure of your building for damage or wear that could be inviting them in.

3. Keep Your Garbage Inaccessible

One man’s trash is a rodent’s grocery store, not to mention the flies and cockroaches that will soon follow. Nothing is more irresistible to pests than open garbage since it means ready access to food and water. Seal up any garbage with appropriate plastic bags and keep food waste secure from outside infestation.

4. Keep Stock Organized

If you are not sure where your pest problem is coming from, having a disorganized store will only make the inspection more difficult. Staying organized is not simply a good business practice, it can help you and your employees identify infestations before they become unmanageable.

5. Schedule a Professional Inspection

When you have pests in your retail store, it’s time to call the experts. Nature’s Balance Pest Control in Park City, Utah, has the tools and experience to remove pests from your business and keep them from coming back. With traditional pest control options as well as all-natural removal solutions, our unique service is both comprehensive and effective. Contact us if you discover a pest issue in your retail space.