5 Ways to Keep Pests Away from Your BBQ

With the warm temperatures of summer, it’s time for the whole family to gather and celebrate in the great outdoors. And what better way is there than to grill up some delicious burgers, hot dogs, steak, or chicken? Of course, there are a few uninvited “guests” that will always show up, even without an RSVP: pests like mosquitoes, flies, wasps, and ants.

How do you get rid of them before and during the barbeque? Here are a few steps to follow to keep them from ruining the party.

Clean Up the Yard Beforehand

An important part of pest control is prevention. Several days (or even weeks) before barbeque season, spend time examining your yard for possible sources of pesky problems. This includes draining or removing any standing water from buckets, pools, or puddles, as mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. Keep an eye out for sources of insect food, including fallen and rotten fruit, compost, and wilting weeds. Finally, mow the lawn and trim back any shrubs that have become overgrown. This will reduce the number of ants and spiders that try to call your home their own.

Gather Around a Campfire

Once the sun goes down over your barbeque gathering, it’s the perfect time to light a fire inside a steel fire pit or an authentic campfire. Not only will the kids love roasting marshmallows and eating sticky s’mores, but the smoke produced from the campfire is also a natural deterrent for nearly any flying insect. This is especially true of mosquitoes. While it isn’t a 100% effective deterrent, a cozy fire will certainly keep swarms away and reduce the number of bites.

Turn on an Outdoor Fan

There’s nothing more disgusting than watching flies land on the food you’ve laid out on the table. Purchase a large metal fan, set it on one end of your food line, and set it as low or as high as you need. If insects can’t fly properly, they can’t land properly. Additional fans can even keep smoke from a campfire swirling evenly through the area or keep your guests cool if the weather is especially warm.

Rely on Delicious Herbs and Spices

Some smells attract insects like crazy, such as the smell of rotten food or processed scents like perfume and shampoo. The herbs and spices you’ll be using in your barbeque, however, often repel bugs on their own! Some of these include basil, garlic, lemon, and turmeric. Be cautious, however, as flies and mosquitoes love the smell of cayenne and anything related to peppers (like pepper flakes and chili powder). When in doubt, hang up marigolds, citronella candles, and mint leaves. Better yet, make your yard resistant to bugs by planting mint, lemongrass, garlic, and sage.

Always Keep Doors Shut

If the bugs are truly relentless, it’s time to head inside to continue the party. Once everyone is inside, remember to keep the doors shut as often as possible. This is especially important for those coming in and out with newly grilled food.

Ensure your backyard is ready for unforgettable barbeques! Prepare for the summer season with help from Nature’s Balance Pest Control. Give us a call for pest control and regular maintenance for a bug-free home.