5 Pests That Are More Active When It Is Cold

When winter rolls around, the cold temperatures might get a little depressing, but many people like that winter means fewer pests. But is this relay true? While you probably see fewer bugs in the winter, especially outside, many pests are just as, if not more, active when they get cold. 

Learn more about five pests that are more active when it gets cold from the pest professionals at Nature’s Balance Pest Control.


Rodents are sadly common year-round. In the winter, they are more likely to get inside as they search for a warm place to shelter that’s close to food sources. Unfortunately, rodents can spread disease and destroy property, so you need to act quickly to remove them.

While mice and rats can be difficult to deter, you can protect your home by sealing up entry points and keeping kitchens and trash areas clear.


Cockroaches are another year-round pest that really like to come inside when it gets cold. Cockroaches are also potentially dangerous, as they can spread many diseases.

The best way to remove cockroaches is to request assistance from a pest control company. However, you can help prevent them by cleaning your drains often and keeping trash and kitchen spaces cleaned up.


Spiders will follow their pest prey inside for the winter. They also like to find quiet, out-of-the-way places in winter, as they will become semi-dormant during the colder season.

While most spiders in Utah aren’t dangerous, species like the Black Widow are a risk. To deter spiders, make sure to remove any smaller pest infestations and clean less-used places in your home often.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs might not be dangerous, but they are pretty gross. They emit a foul smell and can invade in large numbers.

Stink bugs also like to escape cold temperatures by coming inside. The best way to deter them is to seal up entry points around your home. You can fix broken screens and install weather stripping.


While you may see ants outside a lot in the summer, many species will live inside during the winter. It can be very difficult to remove ants once they establish a colony, so if you spot any, request a pest control visit to your home.

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