4 Reasons You Want Year-Round Pest Control

Being able to experience the four distinct seasons is one of the best parts of living in Utah: you can enjoy skiing in the snowy mountains in the winter and boating on sparkling blue reservoirs in the summer. However, with each change of the seasons, new pests arrive that may try to join your household as unwelcome guests.

Although our clients are aware of our one-time pest control treatments and emergency response services, many may not be aware that we offer year-round pest control services as well. Having regular pest control services throughout the year is a great way to keep your home and yard free of mice, voles, wasps, ants, spiders, boxelder bugs, and other irritating pests. Below are four key reasons to seriously consider year-round pest control for your home and yard.

1. Fewer Pests.

No one wants to deal with insects, rodents, or other pests in their home. Having these pests living close by can be annoying or frightening, especially at nighttime when they’re likely most active. In addition to leaving behind spiderwebs and excrement, many pests are also capable of causing costly structural damage to your home. Year-round pest control service ensures your home is protected at all times from seasonal intruders.

2. More Economical.

With pest control, it is always cheaper to prevent an infestation than to treat one. Consistently controlling pest populations and treating entry points with a year-round service plan will prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place.

3. Better for Your Health.

Pests are notorious for carrying diseases, spreading bacteria, and contaminating food, all things that pose a serious health risk hazard. Infestations can also cause flare-ups of asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Keep you and your family safe with year-round pest control prevention.

4. Fewer Pesticides.

That’s right! Although it may seem surprising, year-round treatments reduce the overall amount of pesticides and chemicals that need to be used to protect your home. Work performed on a scheduled basis focuses primarily on sealing and treating entrances on the outside of your home, so that bugs and other pests never even make it inside. This method requires minimal chemical intervention compared to addressing a full infestation.

Effective Pest Control throughout the Year

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