When Is The Best Time To Hire Pest Control?

Dealing with pests can be a year-round ordeal, but you might start to notice more pest activity in the springtime as the weather warms up. When you see insects flying or mice scurrying around your property, the best thing to do is contact Nature’s Balance for professional pest control service.

Of course, addressing the existing pest problem is vital, but it’s much easier and more cost-effective to have preventive pest services. Read on to discover the best time to treat for pests to prevent more severe pest problems.

Why Springtime Pest Control Is Vital

Regular pest control can be helpful throughout the year, but springtime is especially important. Early spring applications are especially important because many species will become active when the temperatures rise, after being dormant during the winter. Some pests are active year-round, but there are many more which are only active during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Having a professional pest control service during early spring will stop many common pests in their tracks. Prevention is always easier than pest removal, and a licensed pest control expert can get rid of pest invaders before they become a problem. Early treatments can eliminate the eggs and larva of spiders, mosquitoes, beetles, wasps, ants and more. It will also help keep these and other pests from reproducing during Spring and Summer.

Ongoing Pest Control Treatments For Year-Round Protection

While springtime pest services might be especially crucial, a one-time service won’t give you adequate protection for the entire year. Instead, pest experts recommend, regular, preventative treatments. A technician can apply various treatments to the inside or outside of your building, depending on the season.

Some pests are more prevalent during different times of the year, so regular service visits will provide ongoing protection from a variety of disgusting pests. These services are essential for residential and commercial properties, and the experts at Nature’s Balance can remove and prevent rodents, ants, spiders, and more.

Get Help From Utah Pest Control Experts

Nature’s Balance provides pest control services for Utah residents with convenient locations in Park City and Midway. We are committed to offering eco-friendly pest control options and provide both residential and commercial pest control services. We know the common pests in the area and the problems they can cause, and we want to help you live ”pest-free” so you can enjoy your home or workplace.

If you have questions, we are happy to answer them. Contact us today to schedule a pest control service at your convenience.